Connect for Mac FAQ

What is Connect and how does it work?
Connect is a Mac app that lets you send and recieve calls from your Mac over Bluetooth. You can talk handsfree using your Mac's speaker and microphone; or with your own pair of headphones.

What are the requirements?
Any modern smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and a Mac running OS X Mavericks

Can I still make/recieve calls from my phone?
Yes you can use your phone normally, and pick up from either device. You can even transfer the audio between the phone and your Mac during a conversation.

Unable to find your phone in Connect Setup?
Follow this guide here

How is Bluetooth configured?
After the initial setup, your phone and your Mac will pair automatically when it is in range.

How am I notified of an incoming call?
Your phone's ringtone will play through your Mac's speaker, and will continue to notify you normally. On your Mac you will receive a notification, and the tray icon will turn blue.

Can I use the dialpad during a call?
Press 0-9 # * on your keyboard

How does Siri/Google Now/Voice Activation work?
Activate voice from the app or the menu bar. You can talk from your Mac's mic and hear responses routed through the Mac's speaker. Its really cool!

Is the app retina ready?

More cool features?
Automatically pauses iTunes for calls. Siri on your Mac. Use your phone from another room.

Where do I redeem a promo code?

Who can I contact for more information or help?
Email us any question you have to